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MINUTES approved

Acworth Meetinghouse Restoration Project: February 25, 2007

Present: J. Clowes, A. Grant, K. Grant, J. Brown

Meeting began: 3:100PM

Minutes: January 28, 2007: Motion KG/JB to accept as submitted, passed.

Bills approved: Payroll, postage.


1. Scott Luther Houghton and Mat Keyser re: paypal addition to website; Discussion took place: Paypal would cost 2% of donations received, would require intermediate bank account and email address for receipting of donations; SLH to confirm IRS allows AMRP donations tax exempt status under Church’s 501; Posting of project assessment to follow; Motion KG/JC to continue to develop paypal option for review next meeting (3/11/7).

2. Ken and Linda Christie: KC discussed potential for corporate sponsorship of aspects of project once they are defined.

Committee Reports:

1. Steering (JC, JP)

a. Arron Sturgis specs proposal: Discussion took place: Community response to assessment estimates both pro and con; AS estimates represent potential highs dictated by preservation standards; In-kind service can defray dollar totals; Next step specification details necessary for any level of work; Motion JB/KG to proceed with specs, passed; Motion JB/KG to pay AMRP share of assessment cost at $900 ($500 paid by Project Grant from NH Preservation Alliance), passed.

b. Preservation Alliance Partners for Sacred Places program 3/14/7; Need attendees.

2. Office (kb):

a. Moose plate grant application due 3/31/7; Develop draft for 3/11 meeting.

Meeting adjourned: 5:00PM; Next meeting: 3/11/7; Respectfully, Kathi Bradt.