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Acworth Meetinghouse Restoration Project: March 25, 2007

Present: S. Wotowiec, J. Clowes, A. Grant, K. Grant, P. Howe, J. Putnam, J. Brown, P. Kish, K. Christie, L. Christie, R. Cote

Meeting began: 3:00PM

Minutes: March 11, 2007: Motion KG/LC to approve as submitted, passed.

Bills approved: Advertising, payroll.

Committee Reports:

1. Steering (JC, JP)

a. Report on Partners for Sacred Places seminar: JC, JP, JB attended program introduction, Program will accept 15 churches, 5 from each state, to participate in May and October workshops, Commitment requires $500 application fee, Accepted churches receive $4000 grant for project start up costs; Motion JB/KG to file application to participate in the program, passed; Revisit next meeting, 4/15/7, to determine attendees.

b. Storage trailer: New company is requiring $75/month or $1500 purchase; Bruce Rushing has trailer project can use, JC will contact, JP will contact trailer owner.

c. Website: Re: Matt’s questions: “Events” section could become Events/Activities, Multimedia could become Photo Gallery; PK will work with MK condensing text for “Project” section and get electronic version of “History” to MK; JC and JP do not need to be listed as “Contacts”, prefer to use one, probably kb; Donation page should be clear that AMRP is by the United Church of Acworth.

2. Historical Committee (GH, PK, JR): PK writing history for website.

3. Financial Report (SLH, SW) SW reported SLH finds need to register AMRP as trade name owned by United Church in order for tax exempt status to be covered, SLH will acquire forms for filing; Paypal can use checking account for donations.

4. Office update (kb): NHDHR Moose Plate Grant will be submitted by 3/30/7.

Meeting adjourned at 5:10PM; Next meeting: 04/15/07; Respectfully, Kathi Bradt.