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Acworth Meetinghouse Restoration Project: April 29, 2007

Present: S. Wotowiec, J. Clowes, A. Grant, K. Grant, P. Howe, P. Kish, K. Christie, L. Christie

Meeting began: 3:00PM

Minutes: March 25, 2007: Motion KG/PK to approve as submitted, passed.

Bills approved: Payroll, Postage, Mat Keyser

Committee Reports:

1. Steering (JC, JP)

a. Report on Arron Sturgis: Contractor specs due early May; Next step to locate local GC

b. Report on storage trailer swap: Bruce Rushing provided new trailer; Building materials moved.

c. JC met with Engineer Ted Fellows and Architect Dan Bartlett; Quick walk through of Church to familiarize them with project for possible future consultation; Acknowledgment that Church and Town Hall drainage issues need to be looked at in concert.

2. Historical (GH, PK, JR):

a. JR working on draft intro for history; Copies distributed for input.

b. Website: Mat Keyser has site running with all that was available to him to date including active paypal piece; PK will contact MK regarding additional photos available for scanning onto site.

3. Financial (SLH, SW)

a. Bills signed; Report submitted.

4. Office (kb)

a. Grant applications filed: Moose Plate, LCHIP Pre-app, Sacred Places seminar


1. David and Pat Williams gave overview of planning a capital campaign: DW serves NH UCC Conference in financial development and planned giving, is also independent consultant for capital campaigns; Initial step in campaign is feasibility study based on individual interviews to determine level of funds potentially available within congregation/community; Capital campaign follows from results of feasibility study; DW will submit a proposal and a list of other consultants who do this work; Desirable timeline would call for feasibility study to start in July, this could complement Sacred Places seminar in timing and content.

Action items:

1. JC will email thank you to DW and request references be included with proposal.

2. Need to query Nationalgrid as to possibility of grant funding for electrical upgrades.

Meeting adjourned at 5:30PM; Next meeting: 5-20-7; Respectfully, Kathi Bradt.