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Acworth Meetinghouse Restoration Project: May 20, 2007

Present: S. Wotowiec, J. Clowes, A. Grant, K. Grant, P. Howe, J. Putnam, P. Kish, L. Christie, K. Chrisite, J. Brown

Meeting began: 3:15PM

Minutes: April 29, 2007: Motion AG/PH to accept as submitted, passed.

Bills approved: None new

Committee Reports:

1. Steering (JC, JP)

a. JP and PH reported on Partners for Sacred Places Seminar: Both expressed enthusiasm for process described in seminar; Noted emphasis on positive mode; Asset exercise was carried out with Committee to illustrate potential within congregation/community; Next meeting to be held at 6:00PM, June 3, in order to include Evelyn Clowes who attended seminar; PH noted work to be accomplished prior to fall seminar includes Case Statement and establishing Public Value of Community Programs; Discussion took place regarding the nature of a Case Statement: It is a succinct presentation of the project’s value and importance.

b. JC inquired whether Sacred Places process replaces need for independent consultant such as David Williams in capital campaign; JP opined there would be value in considering all options; LC expressed concern with David Williams suggestion that 80% of project funding would/could come from within the community and if that was not possible, the project should be delayed; JP agreed a delay would be unacceptable and a prioritizing of needs would be preferable; LC also opined that a large part of local capital would be in in-kind services; PH noted the outcome of the asset exercise supported that view.

Action items:

1. PK submitted grant information from NHEC for review.

2. Steering Committee to meet 5-25-7 at 6:00PM to set direction based on Sacred Places outline including plan for drafting Case Statement and computing Public Value of Community Programs.

Meeting adjourned: 5:30PM; Next meeting: 06/03/07; Respectfully, Kathi Bradt.