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Acworth Meetinghouse Restoration Project: July 8, 2007

Present: A. Grant, P. Kish, K. Christie, L. Christie, J. Rider, J. Putnam

Meeting began: 6:05PM

Minutes: June 18, 2007: Motion PK/JP to accept as submitted, passed.

Bills approved: Roger Cote 7-1-7

Committee Reports:

1. Steering (JC, JP)

a. Building update: Discussion took place regarding basement cleanout: JP suggested volunteer day, use trailer for storage as necessary, schedule for after Old Home Day possibly 8-18-7, revisit next meeting.

b. Sacred Places update: Discussion took place regarding need for more communication to community; JR made several suggestions as to the language of certain approaches, it was noted this will be necessary component of Case Statement when drafted; Waiting for Sacred Places assignment list being compiled by J & E Clowes.

2. Historical (GH, PK, JR)

a. Guy Russell helping develop display material; PK and Maggie Hanson mining Library for memorabilia, located 1828 Bell Subscription document (!).

b. JR suggested character acting as public relations event.

3. Financial (SLH, SW) No report.

4. Office (kb)

a. Guy Russell updating brochure for reprint, use of photos for holiday card okay.

Action items:

1. Garden Tour: Ticket table volunteers: PK will set up, LC available early, check with Clowes for any additional.

2. Females Auction 7-28-7: Agreed AMR can/will help with food, revisit next meeting.


1. How many website hits?

2. Idea: Guided School trip to Church to foster knowledge/interest in project.

3. Idea: Could there be an organization (ie: Friends of the Meetinghouse) whose members would be building benefactors//shareholders who would renew their membership annually and enjoy some benefit of membership (ie: no charge for event use of building and name on benefactor plaque); how is this done at Monticello?).

Meeting adjourned at 5:30PM; Next meeting: 7-22-7; Respectfully, Kathi Bradt.