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Acworth Meetinghouse Restoration Committee: September 9, 2007

Mission Statement: To sustain the integrity and beauty of the “Church-on-the-Hill” to honor its past and secure its future. Webiste: AcworthMeetinghouse.org

Present: Jon Clowes, John Putnam, Sandra Binion, Alva Grant, Ken Grant, Pegi Kish, Linda Christie, Ken Christie, Sharon Miller

Meeting open: 6:00PM

Approve Minutes: August 26, 2007: Motion JP/KG to accept as submitted, passed.

Approve bills: Lyle Balla invoice for drainage project approved.

Reminders: Shorter Restoration Committee meetings; more work in sub committees. The updated list of Committee Reports below reflects subcommittee discussion.

Committee Reports:

1. Building Committee (JC, JP, KC): Project complete at $27,523; KC to get details to Ted Fellows for inclusion in building plan; Contractor meeting pending receipt of specs from Arron Sturgis.

2. Sacred Places Committee (PH, EC, SM, PK): First meeting for development of case statement: 9/12/7.

3. Fundraising: Appreciation expressed for all the various community fundraising acitivities, most recently the sale of fine art prints by Guy Russell of Jerry Pfohl painting of Meetinghouse; Need to establish a Fundraising Committee which could assist community efforts; Once established a Fundraising Committee could begin to gauge capacity of community donations, identify potential institutional donation sources, plan year-end fundraising (December anniversary celebration).

4. Publicity Committee (PK): PK developed summary of Drainage Project for website; Need to develop contact checklist.

5. Financial Report (SB, SLH): Longer report appreciated; Motion JP/LC to accept subject to audit, passed.

6. Office update (kb): Seven to Save Nomination filed; Moose Plate grant application denied; L-Chip grant application pending.


1. Maggie Stier recommends contact with Newport Church as it shares architectural heritage; Discussion concluded current time constraints make this difficult.

2. It was noted that the recent Annual Meeting of the United Church of Acworth reaffirmed the Church’s 2006 resolution of support for the Meetinghouse Restoration Project and Committee.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30PM; Next meeting: 9-30-7; Respectfully, Kathi Bradt.