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The Acworth Meetinghouse Restoration Project

High on a hill at the center of the small town of Acworth, New Hampshire, sits one of the most beautiful houses of worship on all of New England, the United Church of Acworth.

For nearly 200 years, this fine example of New England architecture has been the centerpiece and pride of Acworth, both church and community. Sadly, New England winds, weather and age have taken their toll on this magnificent structure, especially on its towering steeple, which now sits atop pylons on the church common.

For the third time in Acworth history the townsfolk have joined together to restore and refresh their dear "Church on the Hill" to its full glory; but the task is now overwhelming in its financial demand on our small community of 800.

CraneWe invite you to come see for yourself the wonder of architectural detail now more clearly exposed. Feel the roughness of early handwork and marvel at the intricate craftsmanship by local carpenters.

Step inside. Our tour takes you first to the large community room and much used kitchen facilities and the former "ladies parlor." You pass the bell rope and climb one of the two semi-circular stairways in the entry hall and enter the upper meeting room. Your eye is drawn first to the Palladian window and the stark white domed walls and ceilings. Walk into the main meeting room with its breathtaking circular stained glass window behind the pulpit; see the deep golden walls decorated in hand stenciled decorations that surround the room and ceiling. The pews of the 1820-1860 standard designs are grain-painted in golden ash with cherry trim. Sit a while, enjoy the beauty.

True history buffs are invited to peek into the two church cupboards on either side of the pulpit, where remnants of the original wallpapers, the hand-hewn beams and arched ceilings are still visible. Suddenly, you realize why this Restoration Project is important and why it means so much to those of us who use this architectual wonder each day but never take it for granted.

Paint Please join us in this project to restore a building that is so much more than just a church; it is our history, town centerpiece, and the joining together community, faith, and beauty.

We cannot do this alone. Your help is much needed and appreciated. Your financial gifts will raise our steeple to glory once again, and you will become part of our history as well.